To bring our Hindi rich culture for families and kids living in a foreign land


To help kids and families to grow culturally and personally more in dual culture


Providing a common social platform to connect people of Uttar Pradesh who are scattered in different parts or surroundings of the Munich Germany and unite them as a close-knit extended family imbibed with share, care and celebrate; by bringing together a variety of people with different skills, ideas, and resources to address issues related to UP and Munich Germany, amalgamating activities such as arrange get-togethers, celebrate festivals, organize cultural Meet Ups and social welfare program to preserve and promote our own culture, ethos, family values, language, tradition, food and pass them to our next generation to stimulate debate and discussion by provoking community-led action for the welfare of our society to engage further in communication through arts, crafts, and cultural exchange with the local government bodies and the state of UP.